Taking care of your children’s oral health can have a significant impact on their overall health and can enhance their educational experience. Tooth pain – the leading cause of school absence in the US – and other oral health problems account for around 51 million hours of missed school every year. According to a study done in North Carolina, children with poor oral health were nearly three times more likely to miss school due to dental pain. Dental pain is caused by cavities and gum disease. These issues are a result of untreated tooth decay. It is estimated that roughly 17 million children suffer from untreated tooth decay which makes it the single most common chronic childhood disease in the US.

Dental pain. Missed school. These things can be avoided by taking the necessary preventative steps early on with your children. The average cost of applying a dental sealant – a practice that reduces the risk of decay – to a child’s permanent teeth is roughly one-third the cost of filling a cavity. Regular dental visits and basic education about proper oral healthcare can make a big difference in a child’s oral health.

At Roseman Dental, we believe in prevention and that’s why on May 6, 2022, we held our annual Give Kids a Smile® event where free dental screenings & cleanings were provided to children 18 and under in Salt Lake County. Children and teens who came in for a checkup and cleaning received a voucher to return to Roseman Dental for a FREE comprehensive exam, x-rays, sealants, and up to $100 of additional care. While at the event children and parents were taught oral health education through various carnival games. Those in attendance learned how to floss and were shown the proper technique for brushing their teeth, among other things.

This event would not have been possible without our generous sponsors – Marathon Petroleum Corporation and the American Dental Association. Because of these sponsors and our wonderful staff and dental students, Roseman Dental was able to see 269 children. Of the 269 children seen:

  • 67 percent reported having no dental insurance (including Medicaid)
  • 43 percent reported that it had been over 1 year since their last dental visit
  • 57 percent reported that they have no dental home
  • 55 percent reported that they had urgent or moderate dental care needs
  • Nearly 50 percent of the patients reported that they were enrolled in free or reduced-price lunch which means that nearly 50 percent of the patients’ parents earn 200% or less of the federal poverty level ($27,000 per year for a family of four)

Roseman Dental knows that there are families in our community that need our help and we find great joy in offering high-quality, affordable dental care to those who truly need it. If you were not able to attend our Give Kids a Smile® event this year, keep a look out for our Back to School Brush-Up™ event which is typically held in August every year.