Spring has officially arrived, and we are excited that it’s finally warming up! In this Spring issue of Dental 360°, you’ll learn what to do if your child bumps their tooth and the importance of using mouthguards. You’ll also read about dangerous dental TikTok trends, the effects of sports drinks and energy drinks on your teeth, and ways to prevent tooth and mouth injuries. In addition, our dental offer that’s making our patients smile, continues to run until May 31, 2023.

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We hope you find Dental 360° helpful and informative. We look forward to connecting with you each month.


Dental 360° Spring Articles

My child bumped their tooth – what do I do now?
Summer Safety: Watch Your Mouth!
Dangerous Dental TikTok Trends
Effects of Sports Drinks & Energy Drinks on Our Teeth
Preventing Tooth and Mouth Injuries
Smile, your dental offer is waiting