Some individuals are advised to stay away from mouthrinses that contain alcohol for the following common reasons:

• Pregnancy

• Alcoholism

• Religion

• Childhood

Individuals in these groups may choose not to use a mouthrinse at all because they may be under the impression that mouthrinses without alcohol are not as efficient as mouthrinses with alcohol. However, a recent study compared the efficacy of alcohol and non-alcohol mouthrinses and yielded surprising results.

The Efficacy of Alcohol-Free Rinses Is Comparable to Alcohol-Containing Rinses

The study compared two different mouthrinses without alcohol to a mouthrinse with alcohol. Patients were divided into four groups:

• Group A was instructed to brush their teeth and rinse with an alcohol-free rinse

• Group B was instructed to brush their teeth and rinse with an alcohol-containing rinse

• Group C was instructed to brush their teeth and rinse with both an alcohol-free and alcohol- containing rinse

• Group D was instructed to only brush their teeth

Surprisingly, the study results showed that the alcohol-free mouthrinses were able to reduce gingivitis and plaque at a rate that was comparable to the alcohol-containing mouthrinse. Because the test results showed that there is no reduced efficacy in alcohol-free mouthrinses, it is recommended that individuals choose alcohol-free mouthwash brands over those that contain alcohol.

Improve Your Oral Health Without Alcohol

Individuals who want to improve their oral health and the scent of their breath without the negative effects of alcohol can now rest assured that alcohol-free rinses are just as effective as those containing alcohol.