The Junior League Community Assistance and Resource Event (CARE) Fair is an event organized and directed by the Junior League of Salt Lake City for families needing routine medical, dental, and vision services. This year’s CARE fair was held on Friday, July 29th, and Saturday, July 30th at the Horizonte Instruction and Learning Center in Salt Lake City.

On Saturday, July 30th, twenty-five dental students from the College of Dental Medicine (D2’s and D3’s) volunteered at the CARE fair from 8 am to 5 pm. Students provided dental exams, prophy, and fluoride for about 200 adults and children from lower socioeconomic groups. For each patient, students also determined if additional treatment may be needed. For those that needed additional treatment, Junior League provided vouchers in the amount of $150 or $500 at participating dental programs at the University of Utah, Fortis College, Utah Partners for Health, and Roseman University. For Saturday, Junior League provided vouchers totaling values over $17,000.

Overall, a total of 376 patients were seen in the dental clinic at the CARE fair this year, up from 296 in 2019, the last time the event was held.


  • Junior League Project Group: Ashley Zhang, Nicole Hablitzel, Riley Savage, Fay Kotlyarenko, Tess Floyd, Shiva Naicker
  • Additional Student Volunteers: David Gallardo, Scott Caine, Daniel Brohard, Chloe Federe, Ben Raymond, Lavinya Yap, Basima Abdelsalam, Tejasvi Singh, Kavina Patel, Lynn Kabbani, Diana Zhen, William Kay, Maddy Tucker, Jeffrey Toschi, Jody Chiang, Nisha Mody, Brooklyn Hansen, Sue Hill, Bao Thao

Attending Faculty

  • Dr. Quayle