By the time New Year’s Day comes around, exhaustion is an understandable feeling. Between parties, travel, work, kids’ events, and simply keeping up with daily life during this busy time of year, it’s no wonder that starting work on all those resolutions everybody else seems to be making is daunting.

Why not make a plan for a great new year now? As the holidays start to creep up, take some time to set 2023 up to be happy and healthy for your dental health:

Be mindful about beverages. This time of the year is full of drinks that can wreak havoc on the teeth. Sugary coffee drinks and mixed drinks are full of sugar. When sugar meets bacteria in the mouth, it turns into acid and eats away at tooth enamel, causing cavities. In addition, red wine and black coffee can lead to teeth stains. Drink plenty of water, choose low-sugar or sugar-free drinks when possible, and make sure to brush your teeth after getting home every night.

Choose tooth-friendly foods at holiday get-togethers. Holiday parties, especially potlucks, are full of snacks you might not encounter every day. Enjoy everything in moderation, but be wary of sticky caramels and toffee, along with sugary treats like cranberry sauce, milk or white chocolate, candy canes, and pie. Brushing after eating or snacking is essential to keep sugars in the mouth under control. In a pinch, rinsing with water gets the sugar and other leftover food out of the mouth, cutting bacteria off from causing any damage.

Plan for the new year now. If you’re interested in exploring how orthodontics could help straighten your smile, schedule an appointment with Roseman Dental & Orthodontics for an initial orthodontic consultation. There’s no age limit for orthodontic treatment! In fact, one in five orthodontic patients is over age 21. With prices up to 50% off other clinics, you can step into next year already saving money and feeling your best.