Dental pain is a sign that something is wrong. While that toothache may not seem like a big deal today, it could turn into an even bigger problem if ignored for too long. Dental problems won’t go away on their own. In fact, they’ll get worse without treatment. They’ll also become more expensive and time-consuming to treat as time goes on.

An aching mouth is most typically a sign of a cavity, or tooth decay. Regular check-ups every six months will help catch cavities before they become major nuisances. Only a dentist can identify and fix a cavity. Left undiagnosed and untreated, tooth decay can lead to eventual root canals, crowns, and tooth loss.

Pain can be a sign of an infection. Left untreated, the infection can spread beyond the mouth and cause major health problems – even sepsis, a condition caused by the immune system’s toxic response to an infection. Sepsis can lead to septic shock and death.

Sensitive teeth can also lead to pain. While there isn’t an immediate danger to tooth sensitivity, there’s no reason to deal with discomfort when there are remedies for the issue.

Other causes of dental pain are damaged fillings, impacted wisdom teeth, gum disease, and TMJ caused by grinding or clenching the teeth. Only a dentist can identify the problem, eliminate any other issues that may be causing pain, and provide the best treatment plan.

Don’t ignore something that hurts. Make an appointment with Roseman Dental and get your smile back on track.