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Brava by Brius

Not braces. Not aligners. Independent Movers.

Who says straightening teeth has to be awkward, inconvenient and take forever? You can have straight teeth in months not years. Brava’s Independent Movers™ technology changes everything—hidden behind the teeth, it moves each tooth independently yet simultaneously for a more efficient solution in as few as four appointments.


The Brava Difference

  • Not visible. Placed on the back of teeth.
  • Bespoke design. Personalized just for you.
  • Treats simple to complex cases.
  • Efficient and clinically effective.
  • Achieve results in fewer appointments.
  • Easier to floss to maintain oral hygiene.

What You Can Expect On Your Journey With Brava by Brius

Your Brava Uses Personalized Independent Movement

Your smile has been designed by your orthodontist using Brava software with Artificial Intelligence (AI). The beauty of independent movement is that the pre-programmed biomechanics move each tooth on a direct path to its ideal position and finds the most efficient path to the final destination. Since every tooth and even the cells around each tooth are different, teeth may move in a way where spaces between teeth may open or close at different rates. This is totally normal and to be expected along your awesome journey to an ideal smile.

Your Brava is Fast and Efficient

Pre-programmed biomechanics move teeth on a direct path to each ideal position. Many cases can be completed in as few as four appointments.

Your Brava is Always Active

It applies continuous, gentle force 24/7. This efficient approach means shorter treatment time and fewer appointments. No wire changes or hassling with aligners.

Your Brava is Hidden

Placed on the back of your teeth, Brava works unseen throughout treatment. No one has to know you’re secretly moving your teeth to your ideal smile.

Your Brava Will Adjust, and So Will You

Like any orthodontic treatment, you and your Brava will take some time to get familiar and comfortable with each other. Adjustment time is typically between 1-2 weeks. It’s normal to feel some tongue discomfort. It’s normal for your speech to feel and sound a little different while you acclimate. These are temporary sensations. Follow the suggestions in this guide to make your journey easier.

Tips for Adjusting to Brava by Brius

  • Rinse with peroxyl wash 1-2 times a day, for up to one week. This coats the tongue for additional comfort.
  • Apply OrthoDots® or dental wax on areas that may have discomfort.
  • Use a water flosser daily.
  • Recite the below tongue trainer out loud as often as you can each day to help acclimate your speech, and boost your vibes:

Who knew you could chew through criticism like chocolate chip cookies? Or push past pretentious people with princely purpose. You’re the everlasting Queen/King of the thing! Your stylish relish will flourish as you zig zag zoom. So take time to talk, to tease, to laugh, to please. You’re independently moving. Musically improving. Learning lyrical lessons as you bequeath your teeth with Brava’s beautiful benefits. Quickly calculating, then tastefully testifying: Who says your smile can’t change the world?


Start with soft foods such as pasta, smoothies, and yogurt. Add solid foods as you feel comfortable.


Foods that are hard, sticky, sugary or have tough peels.


Take acetaminophen or ibuprofen as needed.


Brush gently 2-3 times a day, and use fluoride mouthwash.


Contact your orthodontist in the rare case something becomes loose or breaks.


Playing may take some adjustment, but practice makes perfect.